BCTGM Local 116

BCTGM Local 116 is an organization built by the members for the members. An employee cannot successfully bargain with an employer alone.  When employees join together and bargain collectively they not only gain respect but are assured of maximum job security, better working conditions, increased earnings and other benefits.

BCTGM Local 116 represents over 650 workers who point with pride to the benefits they receive because the Union bargains for them at the negotiating table.

Because of the PROTECTIONS OF A UNION CONTRACT, which a Local 116 member enjoys, they are able to do their job better, more safely, and with less stress, because they know they can turn to their Union if a problem arises!

The INCREASED EARNINGS OF A Local 116 member insure their family of the necessities of life, as well as many luxuries.  Remember, Union workers earn 1/3 more than non-union workers.