Dear Brothers and Sisters: As you know the current contract expires March 31, 2020. We have worked diligently to achieve an agreement over the course of three weeks. As of today March 5th we have not reached agreement. We are setting more dates with the company and will continue to bargain. Fraternally I Am. William…

Local 116 Elections results 2019

Results have been tallied for the Local 116 Election. Thank you to all who participated in the election! Both shops will have results posted on November 26th. Here are the results: President: Carlos Andujar Business Agent: William Andre Recording Secretary: Janee Washington Trustees: Tony Alvito, Jim Oliver, and Jodi Schaffer -Wegmans Unit Results- Shop Co-Chairpersons:…

Election Ballots are Out!

Ballots have been sent out and the election is underway! Please get them in back by Monday, November 25th. If you haven’t received a ballot, please contact a steward. Get out there and exercise your right!

BCTGM Local 116 2019 Elections

The election committee will send out ballots with instructions to all eligible 116 members on Monday November 4th 2019 they are due back by Monday morning November 25th. Be careful you follow the enclosed instructions carefully to make sure that your ballot is counted. If you do not receive a ballot contact an election committee…

Wegmans Negotations For 2020 CBA

We will be getting prepared for negotiations for the next Wegmans CBA, the current CBA expires 3/31/2020. We will post on the Local 116 union board when we get ready for proposal meetings, we need input from you the members. Please come and join us. We will start getting ready late fall of 2019. This…

Local Union Dues Increase

At the BCTGM International Union’s 40th Constitutional Convention held in 2018 the delegates to the Convention passed resolution Number 19. Commencing 1/1/19 monthly dues will increase $1.00. Please notify your membership that dues will increase $1.00 dues increase will take effective January 1, 2019

Save Nabisco Jobs!

Our Brothers and Sisters at a plant in Chicago are in danger. Executives at Mondelēz International, Nabisco’s parent company, are shipping 600 American union jobs to Mexico. This announcement comes on the heels of giving the company’s CEO a $6 million dollar raise. Sign the petition at this link and get on board!